What is youth coaching?

Youth coaching is special support helping teenagers develop into successful, happy and balanced human beings. If you are a parent and struggling with your child, then youth coaching may be just want your child needs. The young child will go through a process of self discovery, will learn important habits and great ways to communicate with the various people in his/her life.

How will the coach help me?

Better Life head coach, Mau has been in various environments where he has worked closely with young children and teenagers around the world including China, Kazakhstan, the UK, France and Spain. He has helped 100’s of young children develop into driven, successful and happy adults. Many had also picked up important transferable skills along the way that they were able to apply to different areas of their life.

Mau is 100% committed to his clients to help them live a better life and perform to their absolute best.

What are other clients who have received youth coaching saying?

For more information about coaching testimonials from past clients, click here.

Where do the youth coaching sessions happen?

All the youth coaching sessions happen face-to-face at the Better Life coaching clinic in Victoria, Central London, UK. If necessary, there may be times when coaching will also happen outside.

What's the next step if I want to book myself or my child a coaching session?

If you have any further questions about coaching book yourself or your child a FREE 15 minutes consultation call by clicking here.