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Hi. I'm a high-performance coach and I study human behaviour as well as why we do what we do
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Who is Mau?

Mau, also known as Mauricio is an international coach and a researcher of human behaviour and why we do what we do. He is currently writing his first book due to be released and available from 2021.


Mauricio has always been a person full of LIFE and CURIOSITY. He has a growth mindset and has made a life commitment to consistently grow in all areas of his life. This is reflected in the results that his clients make during their sessions together.


Mauricio recognised that everyone wants to live a better life, a happier life and a life with meaning so decided to devote his future to understanding the science of the brain, human behaviour while helping as many people as possible throughout the world. Mauricio coaches because he has developed a passion and a deep desire to make a positive and powerful impact on this planet through the connections he makes with human beings around the world.


Many clients have benefited from the coaching sessions with Mauricio seeing an improvement with their decision making, planning, logic & reasoning to an improvement in business, relationships, stress management and overall life happiness. His signature coaching style activates both the right and left side of the brain, which enables the client to approach situations in a unique manner and create solutions by seeing and thinking about it differently.

Mau's transformation in coaching

Transformations in coaching

Transformation 1 happened when Mau was only 15 years of age. He was given the opportunity to work as a Sports Assistant Coach. The opportunity came about as Mauricio was obsessed with playing football and hence wanted to be part of something that involved football. He was then coaching children aged between 8 to 15 years of age helping them develop their football skills. For many children that would attend the weekly practise, it was also an opportunity to escape their problems in their personal lives. Mau was able to support many of these children motivating, inspiring and guiding them to live better lives.


Transformation 2 happened when Mauricio was 17 years of age. His love of music led him to want to share his passion with other people. This desire to share his passion translated into becoming a music teacher where he’d teach teenagers how to play the violin and coach them in different areas of life. As a musician who’d perform in various venues in London and the South East of the UK he was confident being in front of various audiences. Many of the teenagers that had come to Mauricio also struggled with communication and confidence in other areas of life. Mauricio helped many of his students develop not only with their violin technique but also improve many bad habits and overcome certain fears that they adopted.


Transformation 3 happened when Mauricio was 23 years of age. His other love was dancing. Since he was a child he’s always liked expressing himself through dance. This obsession for expressing himself through dance led to becoming a dance coach and opening up his own dance school. Being a big believer of diversity he had used his platform to educate his students in a wide variety of dances including Salsa, Bachata and Flamenco. Many of his students were taking either group or private lessons. Either way, Mauricio realised that he wanted to be more than just teach dance steps, he wanted to inspire his students to live a better life. Often many of his students would approach Mauricio seeking advice about a mixture of different topics in the areas of life. Mauricio realised that for many of his students dancing was an escape, a place where they felt accepted and a sense of belonging.


Transformation 4 happened in 2018 when Mauricio realised that he wanted to impact a global audience. He realised by working with leaders and high performers he would be able to make a bigger impact as the clients he’d work with would continue to make an even bigger impact in other people’s lives, which led him to become a high performance coach. His fascination about the brain and human behaviour led him to get qualified and acquire relevant training. He realised that all the work he’s done up to this point came about a desire to help people live a better life. He now continues to transform 100’s of peoples lives in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


The desire to help people around the world live a better life was made a reality when he founded Better Life which to this day continues to help people every day live better lives.

Why decide to team up with Coach Mau?

Once the coaching and client relationship has started Mauricio is 100% committed to the client. He always has in mind the client’s needs and ensures that there is always progression towards exactly what the client is wanting whether that is towards better wellbeing, business, happiness or reaching a special goal. Over the years Mauricio has developed a vast toolkit which has allowed him to help in whichever way would be beneficial to the client.


Mauricio coaches online and in person at his practise in Victoria, Central London, approximately five minutes walk from the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. The clients are from completely different walks of life and all bring different topics to the coaching space.


Mauricio’s long list of clients vary from various number of inspiring individuals around the world including CEO’s, not-for-profit organisations, bankers, doctors, athletes, lawyers, leaders, dancers, entrepreneurs, lecturers, musicians & ambitious students.


Mauricio has decided to focus on high achievers as they obtain the qualities that are required to be powerful leaders and create transformational change in the world. Through working with high performers with leadership characteristics it allows him to fulfill his mission of helping as many people as possible.


​His clients come to him because they are seeking to live a better life. Mauricio applies the neuroscience of brain behaviour to a powerful creative process that will enhance brain growth, optimise learning and create deep transformation for his clients. He helps leaders and those who see themselves as high performers achieve a competitive edge by living with more purpose, power and impact.


His curiosity and enthusiasm about the human brain has led him to become an avid researcher and sharing this with 1000’s of people around the world to help better understand their brain, their thought processes, their successes, their struggles, their human behaviour and ultimately their life.


Mauricio has studied a very wide range of coaching modalities and techniques and is well known for his love of learning, engaging and guiding. His experience in teaching and coaching in other areas has further improved his emotional intelligence, communication and listening skills, which for many find a joy for encouraging peoples’ growth.


He is due to become a Brain and Human Behaviour practitioner through additional training that he’s currently undertaking in Applied Neuroscience by 2020. This will add to his long list of qualifications and certifications in coaching.


Everyone wants to live a better life, a happier life, a life with direction and purpose. Together as coach and client it can happen. Mauricio coaches because he has a deep desire to make a great impact on this planet and with the human beings he crosses paths with. He’s a firm believer of taking action and walking the walk. By walking the walk his clients truly believe his words. This leads to his clients believing in themselves which ultimately leads to powerful transformation. Mauricio is committed to his clients throughout the journey of seeking a BETTER LIFE.

How can Coach Mau help you?

  • Maximising productivity and overcoming procrastination.
  • Developing a world class mindset.
  • Business Coaching.
  • Accountability.
  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem.
  • Peak performance and reaching your full potential.
  • Happiness and fulfilment.
  • Getting clarity.
  • Staying motivated, inspired and maintaining momentum.
  • Improving time management.
  • Finding healthy work life balance.
  • Managing stress, burnout and the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Relationship building in personal life and business.
  • Being charismatic and positively influencing people when socialising and networking.

What are Coach Mau's coaching fees?

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