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  1. Andreea

    You’ve listed some great things on your site.

    My morning routine has changed over the last 10 years. Nowadays my morning routine looks a little like this:

    1. I wake up.
    2. I drink two glasses of water.
    3. I do my bed and open the curtains.
    4. I go out for a jog along the river near my flat.
    5. Once I get home I have a cold shower. I came across some research online that said that there a lot of benefits or this. I have since adopted this.
    6. Skincare. I out creams onto my face and body.
    7. I wash my teeth.
    8. I then have my morning breakfast which includes scrambled eggs, Scottish salmon, avocado and seeds. To drink I have a green smoothie.
    9. I take out my goals folder. I spend 30 minutes reading the goals I’ve set for the year ahead and reflect if my work has been aligned to these goals. If not I start to adjust a few things in my life to keep me back on track.

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