You will speak with Shawn from our support team, who will ask some questions to understand you and your situation better.

During this call, you have the opportunity to ask questions about any of the following:

  • Whether coaching, mentoring or attending a men's or women's discussion group would be better suited to you.
  • The fees for any of the services that Better Life offer.
  • How the coaching, mentoring or discussion groups will work.
  • Where the practice is located.
  • Available time slots for booking the session/s.


You will also be introduced to other options available to you in case they may fit your needs better.

The FREE consultation call will last approximately 15 minutes. This should be enough time to get an idea of your current situation and answer all your questions.

If there are additional things you'd like to enquire about in advance, please send Better Life an email by CLICKING HERE.

Next steps

If you have decided to attend a discussion group or receive coaching or mentoring, your details will be taken during the call.

Shawn will then get in touch with you to send the following:

  1. A link for you to confirm the time and date of your first introduction session with the coach/mentor or men's/women's discussion group session.
  2. A link for you to make a payment for your first introduction session.

NOTE: After making payment, you will receive a payment confirmation via email for your records.